Thursday, April 29, 2010

Etsy Finds - FAE Team

One of the wonderful Etsy Street Teams I belong to is Fantasy Artists of Etsy (FAE). Here is just a small slice of the magical creations the talented members of this team create.

Etsy finds 4-29-10
From left to right, top to bottom:

  1. West of Moon Print by Darkling Woods. I think this print perfectly conveys the mood of the fairy tale "East of the Sun, West of the Moon," and it reminds me a bit of Kay Nielsen's 1914 illustrations for the tale. If you're not familiar with the tale, it's a Norwegian fairy tale reminiscent of "Beauty and the Beast" or even the tale of "Eros and Psyche."

  2. Hand-sculpted OOAK Lady Magpie Art Doll by Nenufar Blanco. All of Rosa's dolls are truly stunning, and the level of detail is exquisite (especially once you realize that most of her dolls can fit in the palm of your hand!). I wish I read Spanish better so I could learn more on her blog.

  3. Steampunk Cufflinks by Earthfire Studios. These cufflinks are made from vintage watches. I would love to own more cufflinks, but I can never find women's French cuff shirts. Anyone know a good supplier so I have an excuse to buy these?

  4. Iridescent Fairy Wings by Jennivive's. These wings are so pretty! I dressed up as a fairy five or six years ago for Halloween, and I made my own wings with the help of a friend. They were nice wings, but nothing like I had imagined, which was closer to this shape. One day I'd like to dress as a fairy again, and do it up right with the help of my fellow FAE teamers.

  5. Neo-Gothic Gorget Necklace by Spendid Fish. This necklace is stunning, and gorgets have a really interesting history. You should click the link and read for yourself the practical use something so pretty used to serve.

  6. Pavor Nocturnus Illustration by Kevin King/The Haunted Studio Under the Stairs. For those who don't know Latin, the title translates as "night terror." I love the colors and the addition of bats, which I think are supremely awesome. The lady almost reminds me of certain depictions of Neil Gaiman's Sandman.

  7. Lil' Phoenix Leather Mask by Up From the Ashes. I've never been to a masquerade ball (I don't think I've ever even known anyone who throws balls, much less masquerade ones), and I never realized what a shame that was until I saw the designs in this shop. Perhaps I'll have to design a Halloween costume around one of these masks someday.

  8. Gourd Art Sculpture - Colorful Dragon by Anika's Art. Who knew a gourd could be made into something so cool? I once worked at a place that hosted an annual gourd contest. The entries were often very clever ("Gourd of the Rings," Flash Gourdon," etc.), but none were ever this colorful or something I'd want to display on a shelf (sorry, former coworkers).

  9. The Squirrel's Nest Fairy House by Enchanted Gardens. I had a really hard time deciding which fairy house to include in this post—they're all so freaking adorable! Why are tiny things so heartbreakingly cute? And why do I feel the need to collect them?

  10. Dashing Mulberry Lace and Satin Jacket by Night Lily Design. Oh, to be able to sew such beautiful costume pieces. Or to have a place to which to wear such costumes. . . .

  11. Kitsune Print by Vireo. I adore the colors in this print and, of course, the subject matter. I've had a slight fox obsession building over the last year. Probably because I have a kistune plush design in my head that wants out.

  12. Gold Green Dragon Costume Horns by Elfling Creations. When I see fun fantasy headwear like this, it always makes me wish I attended sci fi and fantasy conventions, just so I would have an excuse to dress up in fun costumes. There aren't enough Halloweens left in my life to wear all of the costumes I'd like. Will someone I know please start hosting masquerade balls?!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Plush Team Mythology Challenge

The Plush Team periodically hosts challenges centered around a specific theme. The latest challenge theme was world mythology; I couldn't have asked for a better theme for my first challenge! The challenge went live today, and boy is everyone's work amazing! I don't know about you, but I'm going to have an awful hard time voting for my favorite.

I entered my kelpie:


I named him Merric, which is Gaelic for "ruler of the sea."
Kelpies are sea monsters from Celtic folklore. Known to appear on land
as beautiful horses, kelpies lure people, especially children, onto
their backs. Having lured a rider, the kelpie's skin becomes adhesive
and escape is impossible. The kelpie returns to the sea and drowns and
devours its rider, eating all but the heart or liver.

I made Merric out of suede with a mohair mane and acrylic safety eyes. I gave Merric's tail
and mane a thin coating of pearlescent acrylic that glimmers in the
sun, and his arms are jointed for posability. Merric's stand is pine with acrylic

I originally intended to enter my newest dragon (below), but decided the kelpie was more interesting.

Here's a sneak peek at just a few of the other amazing entries:

4512239795_feb3d058c6 Argus. Image © BeBe Babies and Friends.

4503446737_3c637286e8 Icarus. Image © Plush Goodness.

4476838013_7265234466 Ceiling Cat. Image © Yummy Pancake.

Head over to the Plush Team blog to cast your vote now! Pretty please?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My First Magazine!

My first magazine article came out this month! The magazine I was interviewed for was (drum roll, please). . . . Get Creative, a wonderful Australian magazine devoted to "encouraging and inspiring all of us to have a go at new
things, expressing ourselves creatively and spending time with our
family and friends."

Sadly, this magazine isn't currently available in the United States, but the editor, Jacquie, was kind enough to send me a PDF of my article. Read the article by either clicking each image below to enlarge, or download the whole PDF.   

Handmade toys April issue_Page_1 Handmade toys April issue_Page_2
Handmade toys April issue_Page_3 Handmade toys April issue_Page_4
Handmade toys April issue_Page_5 Handmade toys April issue_Page_6
I'm so excited that Get Creative offered me this
opportunity, and it's so thrilling to see my work in print! And among
such good company too. How adorable is that skeleton by Nelly Pailloux? And Samantha Bryan's whimsical, Victorian-inspired creations? Swoon.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Goals

Goal image_smallHappy Spring! So, yeah, I kind of didn't post any goals last month, and I only accomplished one of February's goals. Whoops! But I'm taking a cue from Mother Nature and declaring a fresh start!

April is only a few days in, but I'm already feeling really good about my business this month and all the opportunities in store. Taxes are done (no refund—boo!), I've already had three shop sales (that might be a springtime record for me), I have a new retail partner, I'm officially a member of the Plush Team Etsy street team (double yay!), and I'm feeling very creative and ready to tackle anything.

So, what else do I hope to accomplish this month?

  1. Make and ship at least 6 items to Kooky by mid-month.
    Plushroom Soup is branching out again! My newest retail partner is Kooky, on Chicago's bustling Michigan Avenue.

  2. Finish raffle donation for fellow FAE teamer's Susan G. Komen 3 Day walk fundraiser.

  3. Complete my first Plush Team challenge (due April 11).
    The Plush Team hosts monthly themed challenges. This month's theme is world mythology, which is right up my alley! I'm working on a dragon. If I don't finish her in time, I suppose I could always submit my kelpie or chimera (or even a yeti), which are already in the shop.

  4. Share my first print interview with all of you.
    My first ever magazine interview comes out this month! It's not a US magazine, so I'm still trying to get my hands on a copy so that I can not only see it for myself, but share it with all of you!

  5. Add at least 2 new items to the Etsy shop.

  6. Clean my craft room!
    No better time than spring for a thorough cleaning, right? 

Whew! I've got a lot to do this month, so I better get crackin'!