Monday, May 10, 2010

Off to Maker Faire!

The Plush Team will be storming Maker Faire in a little over a week! I wish I could attend in person, but I've had to settle for sending some plush in my stead.





If you live near the Bay Area, go check out the fair! Lots of amazing plush and other handmade items will be there, and you can attend many awesome classes as well.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Goals and April Recap

Goal banner
Hello, May! I'm happy to report that the energy and creativity I was feeling in April is so far continuing into this month. I just wish I had more hours each week to devote to crafting! 

Let's see how all my extra creative juices translated into accomplishing business goals last month:

  1. Make and ship at least 6 items to Kooky by mid-month. Status: Complete.
    I actually sent 10 items (below), one of which has already sold. Yay!


  2. Finish raffle donation for fellow FAE teamer's Susan G. Komen 3 Day walk fundraiser. Status: Complete.
    There's still time to get your raffle ticket! Please visit the link above to participate. You could win my Wings of Hope owlet, among many other fantastic artworks.

  3. Complete my first Plush Team challenge (due April 11). Status: Complete.
    I decided to submit my kelpie. He sure had some stiff competition! Check out all the entrants and the fabulous winner over at the Plush Team blog.

  4. Share my first print interview with all of you. Status: Complete.
    In case you missed it, I was honored to be interviewed for the April issue of Get Creative Magazine.

  5. Add at least 2 new items to the Etsy shop. Status: Complete.
    I even exceeded my goal by 300 percent! Yay!

  6. Clean my craft room! Status: Incomplete.
    Are you surprised? When will I ever get this done? I'm a bit embarrassed by how long this item has been on my list, but apparently not embarrassed enough to actually cross this item off. . . .

    Total Accomplished: 5 /6. Not bad! Not bad at all. I think this is my second-best month ever.

So, what will May look like?

  1. Send at least 6 items for Plush Team's Maker Faire booth (due May 15).
    The Plush Team has a booth at the Bay Area Maker Faire this year. I am sadly unable to attend, but any member can send as much stuff as they want to sell during the event. I have high hopes for my little guys! If you live near San Mateo, I highly encourage you to attend!

  2. Complete 2 custom orders: a mini blue cotton candy yeti and a red owl (yes, this is yours, Yates!).

  3. List at least 2 new items in the Etsy shop.

  4. Make another dragon.
    These guys are time consuming! But I really enjoy making them, and I have lots of fun color combinations planned.

  5. Make a fun variation on my bigfoot that a conversation with the FAE Team inspired.
    One of the many great things about belonging to Etsy street teams is the conversations with like-minded artists. So many great ideas have been flowing lately thanks to these conversations, and I'm really excited about the latest inspiration.

  6. Aaaaand, of course, the perennial clean-my-freaking-craft-room-already goal. I know, I know, you're not holding your breath. 

A very happy and productive month to you all!