Thursday, October 20, 2011

Plush You! 2011 Review

Last week, I had the pleasure to attend the Plush You! show for the third time. I think the collection of plush on display, from about 60 different artists, was the best yet!

I helped Kristen set up the show on Thursday night, which meant I got first dibs on buying a plush. I had such a hard time choosing which one to take home, but I finally settled on this handsome viking dude by Pepper Stitches:

Pepper Stitches at Plush You! 2011
The Plush Team was, of course, very well represented, including Cutesy but Not Cutesy, Plush Goodness, Hibou Cards, Weird Bug Lady, Moons Creations, Yummy Pancake, Talkproof, Pterodactyl Pants, Green Elevator, Yermit, Scrumptious Delight, Chris Creatures, ThEm DoLLz, Green Star Studio, Needlings, Cretur Fetur, Squirrel Momma, Lowell and Son, and Out of the Frame (I think I mentioned every teamer in the show; apologies if I've left anyone out!).

Plush You! 2011
Hibou Cards at Plush You! 2011
Scrumptious Delight and Chris Creatures at Plush You! 2011

My dudes looked pretty awesome in their little cubby, keeping good company with Moxie's awesome e-textile monsters.

Plushroom Soup and Moxie at Plush You! 2011
I even got to chat with Moxie for a spell, and she is as supremely awesome as her critters are.

Me and Moxie posing at Plush You! 2011
I also met Anisa from Nonsense Institue (she's so sweet!):

Nonsense Institute at Plush You! 2011
And another plush-maker from Minnesota! She even lives in my neighborhood! Meghan and her husband were so fun to chat with, and I can't wait to get my craft on with Meghan sometime. Her toys are not only cool to look at, but they're interactive too!

Meghan and the Geirdoz at Plush You! 2011
Aside from the show, I also visted the Seattle Art Museum, Olympic Sculpture Park, Bainbridge, the Asian Art Museum, the conservatory in Volunteer Park, the Japanese Gardens, the Arboretum, Fremont Market, and Pike Place Market. I would say Bainbridge and the Japanese Garden were the highlights for me this year.

View of Olympic Mountains from Bainbridge Island
Japanese Gardens, Seattle
You can see many more photos of the show and my adventures around Seattle on Flickr.