Monday, July 4, 2011

Creature Collaboration

What happens when you combine two monster makers, one pattern from each maker's repertoire, and no instructions? A pretty fantastic collaboration.

Daniel Allyn Lee of Happycloud Thunderhead contacted me a while back and suggested we collaborate in some way. We decided that we would each cut out two of the same pattern, make one ourselves while sending the copy to the other person with no instructions, and see what happened.Plushroom Soup meets Happycloud Thunderhead
Plushroom Soup meets Happycloud Thunderhead It turns out that Daniel and my husband share the same hometown (they were even in the same graduating class—small world!), which we visit quite often, so I suggested Daniel and I meet up this weekend while I was out there.

Daniel is just as awesome as the fantastic plush he creates. We had a great time chatting and playing with our monsters. It's probably fairly obvious whose is whose, but just in case, here's what I made: Plushroom SoupAnd here's what Daniel made: Happycloud ThunderheadI can not stop giggling over what Daniel did with my imp pattern. The hat! The britches! But most of all, the jaunty little bow tie! I think bow tie-bedecked plushies might become my next collection obsession. . . .

It was so much fun seeing Daniel's take on my patterns, and how different the "same" creature could look when our own style was applied to it. I'd definitely do this kind of collaboration again!