Saturday, September 5, 2009

September Goals and August Goal Status

(image: Modish Biz Tips)

I slipped a little in August, but from the sounds of it, at least I wasn't the only one! But I like Jena's idea of not dwelling on what went wrong, so here's a short recap before I get on to September's goals:

  1. Work out pattern design for one new plushie. Status: incomplete.
    Didn't even try. Whoops.

  2. Make at least 6 new plushies. Status: complete.
    4 went into the shop, the other 2 were custom orders.

  3. Make a list of what needs to be done to gear up for the
    show/holiday season. Status: ongoing.
    I think I captured most of what needs doing, but I'm sure more will get added.

  4. Spruce up the ol' shop. First up: retake photos to replace some
    lackluster ones. Status: incomplete.

    Total accomplished: 2 / 4.

Not my worst month, but not my best either. So, on to September!

  1. Make a "Y" for the Plush You sign in the Bluebottle Arts Gallery. 

  2. Continue to churn out the plushies. Make at least 6, 2 of which (minimum) will be Halloween-related for the Etsy shop.

  3. Start researching new booth designs. I may not be able to pull off a new No Coast booth this year, but I want to at least look at my options and try.

  4. Clean my craft room. This room is seriously messy, and I have no doubt that has contributed in part to my August slump.

Here's to a better September, everyone!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vote for Me!

Purple rain left

Head on over to the HandmadeMN blog to vote for my Purple Rain Unicorn in the August monthly challenge. Pretty please?