Thursday, April 7, 2011


As you may know, I had the privilege of attending the first ever Plush Team retreat last weekend (March 31–April 3). Seventeen Plush Teamers descended on Luray, Virginia, for a 3-day craft fest. As testament to how awesome the Plush Team really is, note that 17 women, all armed with multiple sharp stabby implements, managed to share 3 bathrooms for the whole weekend and no one got hurt. But even cooler, there was so much joy, warmth, and inspiration flowing all weekend long. This is truly an amazing group.

I started my trip early Thursday morning and touched down in D.C. around noon. The super talented and sweet Chris picked me up from the airport (who despite spending about 6 hours in a car with me that day (it's a long story), failed to mention until the retreat was almost over that she's a breakdancer. And was in an episode of Ace of Cakes. See what I mean about this being an amazing group?), and we proceeded to make our way southwest to this gem: Cabin which boasted this view: DSC01228 Rough, right?DSC01250
DSC01246 DSC01240
DSC01245 DSC01225
The next few days were a whirlwind of hugs, laughter, fluff, sewing, crocheting, needle-felting, tacos, amazing home-baked goods, hilarious stories, plush-stealing (and sharing), memes, and all-around crafty bonding. We all had so much fun, we're already starting to plot next year's retreat. Hopefully more of the Plush Team will have a chance to join us, because I can't say enough good things about this group of people.