Monday, February 22, 2010

Disappointing Night at the Museum

As mentioned in my previous post, I submitted a zombie yeti to the Minneapolis Institute of Art's Foot in the Door exhibit. The opening reception was Thursday night, and I was super excited to go, spurred on by sneak peeks the MIA was posting to their Flickr page.

I mean, look: my yeti on a wall! In a museum! With other art! ACK!

4359740604_3ba73fe987_oimage © Minneapolis Institute of Art

I knew it would be busy. I knew parking would be difficult. But I was not fully prepared. It took us nearly an hour to find parking. I was getting salty, but I understood; roughly 5,000 people submitted artwork, and I'm sure they were all just excited as I am to see their art in the city's most respected museum. Not helping was the city's decision to ban parking on the even side of streets for the rest of the winter.

We finally found a spot, hiked the half-mile or so from it to the
museum, picked up our nifty artist ribbons (how cool is that?!), shed
our outerwear, breathed a sigh of relief, and then. . . .

4371264496_28abda4d45_oThe line circles around the rotunda on two floors before entering the exhibit. Image © Minneapolis Institute of Art

We hit a solid wall of humans. The kind volunteer at the end of the line informed us it'd be an approximately 2-hour wait. Just to get into the gallery. So I would say the exhibit is already an unbelievable success. Hooray for art!

Deciding we didn't have it in us to wait in line, we checked out some of the other galleries before heading home somewhat defeated. I've been hearing really great things about the exhibit and caliber of art on display from friends who did get in on opening night. One friend even heard a woman proclaim that my yeti was her favorite piece. So awesome!

4371266098_2c1b2b475f_o So many people (and so much awesome art!) in a smallish space. image © Minneapolis Institute of Art

The exhibit is up until June, so I have plenty of time to head back and see it when the museum is less crowded. I think I'll bring some friends and some champagne and stage my own reception!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Goings On

I thought I'd write a quickie little post about some cool happenings as of late, to help me get back into the swing of blogging. I seem to work in fits and starts, and I'd like to keep a more regular schedule.

First, some neat recent purchases:

The label on my new(ish) winter coat says Schlampp's Minneapolis. I had been looking for ages for a cute, vintage-style blue coat with absolutely no luck. On a lark just after Thanksgiving, I stepped into Rewind Vintage and there it was. And only $44, too!

The hairclip is from local artist Kelly Hanson Handmade. Those who know me know my obsession with hair accessories, particularly flowers and feathers. This one is especially awesome because it has both.

My mittens were custom made by Sinikka at For My Darling. I sent her a picture of my coat and asked her to make me coordinating mittens. I couldn't be more thrilled with the result!

The messenger bag is from the ever talented Nate Van Hofwegen of Nate's Custom Sewing. I've admired his amazing vinyl work for quite some time, and since my regular bag finally gave out right before No Coast, I decided there was no better time to invest in one of Nate's bags. Most messenger bags are too large for my petite frame, so I asked him to make a smaller one for me, fill the inside with tons of pockets, and put a koi on the outside. I LOVE the end result. The bag is so sturdy and durable, yet not too heavy. And it's waterproof, which has been awesome for my morning trudge to work through the snow.


If you're local, you may have noticed some familiar critters in Crafty Planet's
winter window display. The lovely Adrienne used my yetis as inspiration
for the window. I think she did a great job; the display is fun,
whimsical, and very seasonally appropriate! And I'd say that even if my
yetis weren't in the window.

Last but not least, remember the infant skirts I made this fall? They were for this lovely little lady, and I just couldn't resist showing off how adorable she looks in one.


I'm a busy bee this weekend, slaving away on a bunch of horses and a few custom orders, which I hope to post pictures of on Monday. In the meantime, wishing you all a happy, productive weekend!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February Goals and January Recap

Goal image_small Okay, so I seem to be having some trouble posting my goals within the first week of each month. Perhaps I should make that a standing goal for the rest of the year!

Let's recap January:

  1. Turn in answers to interview questions. Status: Complete.
    Sorry, still don't want to spill the beans on this one yet. Only a few more months to wait!

  2. Update the Etsy shop with at least 2 new items. More would be ideal. Status: Super complete!
    I actually listed 14 new items in January. I went on a frog and owl making binge, and managed to list most of them in the shop. Yay me!

  3. Make 3 examples of my best work to submit to the MN Textile Center. Status: Abandoned/replaced.
    I fully intended to do this this year, but as the deadline drew closer, it just didn't feel right. The Textile Center is a great place, but I don't think my stuff is quite right for their shop, and I'm trying to improve my "targeting," so to speak. So, instead, I sent off two more retail shop inquiries.

  4. Clean up my craft room! I'm not even going to commit to the
    blogging part for this month. Just getting it clean will be a big
    enough accomplishment. Status: Incomplete.
    Again. It's close, still, but not close enough for showing off.

    Total Accomplished: 3 / 4 (yes, I am totally counting my replaced goal).

Here's what I hope to accomplish in February:

  1. Submit a plushie for the Foot in the Door exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
    Every ten years, the MIA opens its doors to all Minnesota artists. The only rule is that your piece must measure less than one cubic foot. I submitted the zombie yeti you see above.

  2. Sketch out two new critter designs and post on blog.

  3. Fulfill I Like You's request for more horses, frogs, and squirrels. Specifically, make at least 2 of each.

  4. Complete at least 50% of my submission for the Schmancy Olympic Challenge (due March 16).

What about cleaning my craft room? I do hope to accomplish this goal soon, but I hesitate to add this for February as I've already got quite a full plate.

I wish everyone lots of luck this short(ish) month!