Sunday, May 20, 2012

Second Annual Plushcation!

Plush Retreat 2012 group photo
Last weekend (May 10-14) was the second annual Plush Team retreat. Just like last year, there was so much joy, warmth, fun, laughter, and productivity all weekend. I'm sure it sounds like a tired refrain by now, but seriously, I can never adequately express just how awesome this team is, and how lucky I feel to be a member.

This year's retreat was in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and was organized by the amazing Yummy Pancake. Though there were six fewer of us who made the trip this year, it was no less fun. I'm not sure I ever laugh quite as hard as I do when I'm with this group.

Our view this year was very idyllic and peaceful. Most of us spent a few hours taking in this view each morning while sipping our tea or coffee.DSC02620Two geese families lived on the pond, and each day we were visited by deer, hawks, vultures, herons, bald eagles, and all manner of backyard birds.

A few bird families even lived in the walls of the cabin. Unfortunately for me and Ann-Claire, this was directly behind our beds, and we were awakened to a chorus of very loud cheeps every 20 minutes or so starting just before dawn.
early riser
One of the highlights of the trip was the PA Fabric Outlet. It wasn't quite as big as S.R. Harris here at home, but the wall of buttons and trims was much more impressive. And cheap! PA fabric outlet
PA fabric outlet
We also explored downtown Lititz, which was incredibly quaint. We had the most amazing meal there at the Tomato Pie Cafe (if you are ever offered tomato pie, eat it! You will not be sorry. It was so delicious that most of us became obsessed with it the rest of the weekend, plotting ways we might get it shipped to us or how we might make it ourselves.) and had a great time exploring the little shops and reading plaques on all the historic buildings.

downtown Lititz, PA
downtown Lititz, PA
downtown Lititz, PA
downtown Lititz, PA
Back at the house, there were tacos once again, Amy's famously delicious margaritas, and waaaaay too much sugar and chocolate (between the Amish homebaked goods we picked up at the Green Dragon farmer's/flea market and the chocolates from the Wilbur Chocolate Factory, we were guaranteed weekend-long sugar comas).

liquor and zombie-in-progress at Plush Retreat 2012
Margarita time!
Of course there was much crafting, as well, including the awesome group-produced giant plush taco you can see in the first photo of this post. There were zombies, moss balls, poopsticks, appliqued onesies for the Moon Bun in the Oven, caged gouda, angry panties, and so much more. . . . We also once again participated in a white elephant swap and the goods were so amazing that actual tears were shed when certain items were stolen.

Plush Team Retreat 2012 White Elephant swap items
But none of these things were quite as amazing as all the laughter. The conversations were hysterical and often we laughed until we cried.

Plush Goodness, Fuz Frenzy, and Cutesy but Not Cutesy
Moon's Creations and Yummy Pancake share a laugh
I sincerely love this whole group, and I can't wait for next year's retreat!